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education and land- they wanted land to farm

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If I remember right, I believe what they wanted most was to own their own land.

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They gained rights by standing uo to what they thought was right.

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The freed people in the civil war "whites" wanted to keep slaves . But if you mean both black and whites they wanted more land

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Q: What did freedmen want during reconstruction?
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How did the freedmen view freedom during reconstruction?

what was the role for the freedmen ain reconstruction what was the job for the freedmen in reconstruction governments

What established schools for former slaves during Reconstruction?

It was the Freedmen's Bureau.

What was life like for freedmen and poor whites during Reconstruction?

What would it be like to live in the south as a freedman during Reconstruction?

Leading black political organization during reconstruction?

The Freedmen's Bureau

What school were particularly important in helping freedmen during and after reconstruction?


Which of these established schools for former slaves during Reconstruction?

the Freedmen's Bureau

What groups helped the South during Reconstruction?

Freedmen, Scalawags, And Carpet-Baggers

What role did freedmen play in reconstruction governments?

The freedmen provided cheap labor and expertise skills in the reconstruction governments.

Which of these happened in religious life during Reconstruction?

why were freedmen eager to attend the schools created by the freedmens bureau during reconstruction

Which agency gave food and clothes to former slaves and needy whites during reconstruction?

The Freedmen's Bureau.

What did Robert E. Lee do during reconstruction?

So he could get his freedmen/Independence, and make the building historical!!~!!

What role did the freedmen play in the Reconstruction governments?

The freedmen were the 4 million african americans that came to the South after they had been free. They gave Reconstruction goverments a glimpse of the struggle and hunger that the 4 million freedmen had. :(