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People moved to the cities to find jobs as factory workers.

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Q: What did industrialism and urbanization change?
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Why was there increased urbanization during World War 2?

to get away from the bombings

How did the new factories change how americans worked?

Some hardships faced by factory workers during the Industrial Revolution were that the factories were not heated or air conditioned, they had to work long hours, and they had no rights. Children worked in many of the factories as well.

How are militarism and industrialism linked?

Militarism is the belief that a country should maintain a strong military capability and be prepared to use it aggressively. Imperialism is an unequal human relationship such as an empire based on practices of dominance and militarism is the means to accomplish that control.

How did industrialism impact WW1?

World War 1, like the US Civil War, was one of the first modern wars. Many of the tactics were from the 19th century, while the weapons were from the 20th century.The machinery of war was more efficient than ever before, for example, tanks and airplanes were never used in war before. The industrial revolution enabled more effective killing machines to be produced, at a much faster rate. The resulting carnage shocked the world.Thanks to industrialization the creation of weapons was quicker and more efficient. Also Eli Whitney's interchangeable parts allowed for the continuous use of guns. For example, if the trigger on a gun broke it could be easily replaced by taking the gun apart and simply putting it back together. In addition to that, the power and accuracy of weapons increased drastically. All the above lead to more devastating warfare including the Somme battle of WW1 which lead to 1.5 million casualties.

How did industrialism lead to the civil war?

The need for mass production and distribution of goods during the Civil War. Women took over the men's jobs while they fought in the war. Machines were used more because men were at war.

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What did industrialism and urbanization change during the giled age?

People moved to the cities to find jobs as factory workers.

What was Progressivism a reaction to?

Progressivism was a reaction to social, political, and economic problems caused by industrialization, urbanization, and immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It aimed to address issues such as political corruption, monopolistic business practices, and social inequality through government intervention and social reform.

What did the industrialism and urbanization changed?

People moved to the cities to find jobs as factory workers.

What is a major characteristicof the era of early industrialism United States prior to the Civil War?

There was urbanization where new towns were coming up.

Which change in the West was brought about by railroad expansion?


What are the four forces of change in industrialism?

The four forces of change in industrialism are technological advancements, globalization, demographic shifts, and environmental concerns. These forces drive innovation, create new markets, influence workforce demographics, and impact sustainability practices in industrial sectors.

What Impact did industrialism have on countries?

Industrialism had a significant impact on countries by revolutionizing their economies, leading to mass production, urbanization, and technological advancements. It also brought about social changes such as the rise of the middle class, improved living standards for some, but also exploitation of workers, environmental degradation, and widening wealth gaps. Overall, industrialism played a crucial role in shaping the modern world.

Which European country was the first to change to urban industrialism?

Great Britain.

What did industrialism change?

People moved to the cities to find jobs as factory workers.

Why is industrialism a continuing concern of society?

Industrialism is a continuing concern of society because it has led to the growth of cities and the rise of the working class. Industrialism has also resulted in the pollution of the environment and the exploitation of workers.

Was opposed to mechanization and industrialism?


What does industrialism mean?

economic activity