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poor military leadership

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Q: What did not contribute to governmental weaknesses in the South in 1864?
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Which of the following did NOT contribute Lincoln's re-election in 1864?

Successful voter registration drives of Northern blacks did NOT contribute to Lincoln's re-election in 1864.

What year did the north beat the south?


When did South Yorkshire Railway end?

South Yorkshire Railway ended in 1864.

When was South Trimble born?

South Trimble was born on 1864-04-13.

When was South Yarra Football Club created?

South Yarra Football Club was created in 1864.

What had the South hoped for in the election of 1864?

They hoped lincoln would not win re-election in 1864, and they would be able to make peace.

What US Civil War battle in 1864 took place just south of Shreveport Louisiana?

In early 1864, the Battle of Mansfield was fought. The battle location was just south of the Louisiana town of Shreveport.

Who won the Battle of Fort Pillow?

It was the confederat (the south) in tennessee on april 12 1864

The peace initiatives of 1864 failed because?

Lincoln was too anxious to compromise with the South.

Which battle was not part of Ulysses a grants drive to the south that began in 1864?

The battle of Lookout mountain

What secessionist South Carolina city was not in the direct path of Sherman's army in 1864 - 1865?


What was one of Australia four main colonies in 1864?

Australia had six main colonies in 1864, not four. They were New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland (newly separated from NSW in 1859) and Tasmania (which had changed its name from Van Diemen's Land in 1856).