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Stand Guard, load magazines, clean weapons, sleep, write home, eat, sweat (its hot there), get wet (it rains there), dig deeper fox holes, read mail, plant claymores (mines), and one other thing PRAY.

Some soldiers got involved with the local women and community.

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Q: What did soldiers in Vietnam do to pass the time when they were not fighting?
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What did the Americans do for the first time in history when the soldiers returned from Vietnam?

shunned the soldiers

When the soldiers returned from Vietnam what did Americans do for the first time in history?

shunned the soldiers

Number of soldiers in the Vietnam war?

The maximum number of US soldiers in Vietnam at one time was 500, 000. 3 million Americans were in the Vietnam war altogether.

Did Turkey have troops fighting in Vietnam?

No. Turkey was not involved in the Vietnam War. However, Turkey did contribute soldiers to the Korean War (which made that war the first time that Turks and Greeks fought on the same side in any conflict).

How do us soldiers describe their time in the Vietnam war?

They just said, "I did my time."

How many soldiers are in the Vietnam military?

At the time of the Vietnam War their was about 2 million. Now their is roughly 760,000.

How many US soldiers were in Vietnam at one time?

At the height of the war there were approximately 500,000 US Marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Coast Guardsmen in Vietnam.

What advantage did the M-16A1 give the soldiers in the Vietnam war?

In Vietnam, for the first time in US history each and every US fighting man possessed a fully automatic rifle. During WWII, each and every US fighting man possessed a semi-automatic rifle (the M1 Garand).

How were soldiers in Kokoda entertained?

They were busy fighting and surviving - there was no time for entertainment.

What did the Vietnam soldiers do in there spare time?

They killed each other for practice. That's why we won.

What did soldiers do on their spare time during the Vietnam war?

In the field, playing cards (gambling) was common.

The highest number of us soldiers in south Vietnam at one time?

Over 500,000 men.

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