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Mobilise thus meaning Germany had to fight the war on two fronts

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Q: What did the Russians do quicker than the Germans expected in WW1?
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Did the Russians kill more Jews than the Germans in WW II?

No, the Soviet Union did not target the Jews. It was the Nazis that murdered about 6 million Jews ...

What side was Ukraine on in world war ii?

The Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, and so was on the Allied side, against Germany. Huge battles were fought over the major Ukrainian cities, both at the time of the German invasion, and again when the Russians were driving out the Germans. Some individual Ukrainians welcomed the Germans when they invaded, thinking anyone would be better than Stalin. They soon learned that Hitler was certainly no improvement. Individual Ukrainians also collaborated with the Germans in rounding up and murdering Ukrainian Jews, and some served in the German military. Most Ukrainians though fought against the Germans.

Who were the three leaders in World War 2?

Josef Stalin - Russians Adolf Hitler - Germans President Franklin Roosevelt/ President Harry Truman - Americans Winston Churchill - English Benito Mussolini - Italians Paul Reynaud - French There were more than three leaders of World War II...

How did the invasion of Normandy change the tide of war?

The invasion of Normandy helped change the tide of war by putting the Germans on the defensive rather than the offensive. With the failed attempts by the Germans to capture Russia, defend Italy, and defend the Normandybeach, allied troops were able to finally be put on the offensive side. While the Americans, British, and Canadians moved through France, more Americans rushed up and through Italy and the Russians started to leave their Motherland and assault Nazi Germany.

Are Germans bad people?

No better or worse than any other nationality

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Describe four things that went wrong when the Germans put the plan into action?

The Belgiums were more resistance than expected.The British kept their treaty with Belgium and sent over the British Expeditionary Force.The Kaiser also called the BEF.And the Russians mobilized more quickly than the Germans had expected and invaded Germany.

What is deffrance between efficiency and proudctivity?

Effeciency is production at a quicker than expected pace. Productivity is production at a higher volume than expected.

Do items come quicker than expected on eBay?

Sometimes, depends on the seller.

Did the Russians win the battle of moscow?

Yes, the Russians won the Battle Of Moscow. The Germans were not prepared to fight for more than 4 months in the cold. Winter froze weapons and tanks. The Russians had an advantage because they were in there own country and were prepared for the harsh winters in Moscow!

Did the Russians kill more Jews than the Germans in WW II?

No, the Soviet Union did not target the Jews. It was the Nazis that murdered about 6 million Jews ...

How did Allied forces surprise Axis forces at Normandy?

Mainly by landing much further south than the Germans expected

Why weren't there any concentration camps in Romania?

Because the Romanian people is more tolerant than other peoples as Hungarians, Bulgarians, Germans, Russians etc.

Where there any pivotal battles within the Battle of Stalingrad?

The Russians did launch a massive counterattack after the city was taken to drive the Germans out but other than that i don't think so.

How did russia win the battle of kursk?

the the Red Army managed to push the Germans back to the dnieper and towards western Ukraine, winning the battle.

How did Stalin create a better military Force?

The use of the Blitzkreig against the Russians in WW2 was extremly effective. I don't for one moment suggest the Russians drew the Germans on into Russia just so they could counter attack after Stalingrad. But the fact remains the Russians best generals were General January & General February. They were better at surviving in the winter & were better equipped than the Germans. The T34 tank was at least as good as any tank in the war. The KV1 & KV 2 were effective against the Panther & Tiger tanks the Germans had. Most of all the Russians had resources which the Germans could not get to because of the depth of defence. Principally the Russians benefit from absorbing the Germans after years of retreat, and having masses of men that they can conscript. I don't think Stalin did create a better Military Force, neither better than the Germans or the Allies that arrived to the River Elbe in 1945. Hitler was defeated, at great cost, particularly in Russia, because of his own Military incompetance. Had Hitler been prepared to listen to the generals his single mindedness denied then the course of History would be different, but how different is another story..........

Why are Russians better than anybody?

Because they are Russians

How is American War different from Russian War?

The American Forces fought with the other Allied countries while the USSR fought more on their own but they still planned strategy and shared resources together. The Russians lost over 10 million servicemen in the war whereas the US lost 400,000 servicemen. The Russians were invaded by the Nazis on their own land. The US did not have an invasion from the Russians. The US had managed to develop the atom bomb, but the USSR did not. The Russians hated the Germans very much because of the 20 million Russians the Nazis killed and raped. The Russians took revenge on the Germans for doing that. They raped hundreds of thousands of women. The Russians were communists while the Americans were democratic people. The USSR had a dictator, but the Americans had a leader they chose to represent them. The Russians suffered much more during World War 2 than the Americans did.