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Q: What did the crittenden compromise propose?
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A last-ditch plan to save the union by providing guarantees for slavery in the territorie?

Crittenden Compromise

What would the constitutional amendment propose in the crittenden compromise have done?

The Crittenden Compromise was mainly about creating an unamendable amendment to the Constitution allowing slavery below the latitude 36 -30. It also stipulated that all prior political party affiliations be changed to the Union Party. The idea was to work out some sort of compromise to prevent the session of the South.

What proposed protecting slavery by restoring the Missouri compromise?

crittenden compromise

Was the last attempt at compromise before Southern secession?

Crittenden Compromise

Which was the last attempt at compromise before southern secessions?

Crittenden Compromise

What was Crittenden's Crompromise?

the crittenden compromise led to the 36 30also led to the federal funds

At the last attempt to keep the union together what did senator john crittenden create?

crittenden compromise

Who was the Kentucky senator who tried to save the union with a last-minute compromise?

John Crittenden

Did the crittenden compromise fail?

The Crittenden Compromise failed because it outlawed slavery in western states because Abraham Lincoln opposed the western expansion of slavery.

What was the compromise that might have prevented secession introduced in Congress in 1861 by a Senator from Kentucky?

The Crittenden Plan or Crittenden Compromise was introduced in 1861 and if had passed in congress it might have prevented secession. The Kentucky senator who introduced it was John Crittenden.

Who proposed the last minute compromise?


What was true of the Crittenden Compromise apex?

It was rejected by congress and the president