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The Crittenden Compromise (December 18, 1860) was an unsuccessful proposal byKentucky Senator John J. Crittenden to resolve the U.S. secession crisis of 1860-1861 by addressing the concerns that led the states in the Deep South of the United States to contemplate secession from the United States.

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Q: What is the significance of Crittenden's Compromise?
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What newspapers called a series of amendments to the constitution proposed by senator john j crittenden of Kentucky?

Crittendens compromise

What were the elements of crittendens compromise?

It would reinstate the Missouri Compromise line, extending it to the California border. Slavery would be prohibited to the north of the line and protected south of the line.

What is the significance of the date?

the significance is that that they they decided everything about the great compromise

What is significance of hennery clay?

He was the great compromise.

What is the Historic significance of the Compromise of 1877?

It ended reconstruction and made Hayes president.

What was the significance of presidential election of 1876?

It ended Reconstruction because it led to the Compromise of 1877.

Why did Lincoln disagree with john j. Crittendens plan to keep the union together?

Because it would have allowed some extension of slavery.

What is the significance of the compromise over slavery?

Some say that 40 years of compromises delayed the war long enough for the young American republic to sustain the shock of nationwide combat.

What compromise lead to the civil war?

the Missouri compromise, the 3/5 compromise, and the compromise of 1850 no it was thethe Missouri compromise, the 3/5 compromise, and the compromise of 1850

What is the significance of the term compromise as it relates to problem solving in a democratic society?

in a democracy, public decision making must be largely a matter of give and take among the carious competing interests. It is a matter of compromise in order to find the position most is the process of blending and adjusting competing views and interests.

Henry clay's compromise became known as what?

The Missouri Compromise The Compromise of 1850 The Kansas-Nebraska Act.

What is an agreement reached in which each side gives up something that it wants?

It is called a compromise. Examples are the Great Compromise, and the Three-Fifths Compromise.