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Appeasement helped Britain build up their armed forces.

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because they fail

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Q: What did the policy of appeasement give Britain a chance to do?
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What did the policy appeasment give Britain a chance to do?

because they fail

The policy of giving into an aggressor to maintain peace is called?

Giving in to an aggressor would just give them the mentality of, "Well if they just let me have this, then I can just take more and more of whatever I want." This is the same thing that happened with Hitler, we gave him control of a country that he broke a treaty to obtain, making him promise that he wouldn't do it again. This didn't happen, and so started WWII.

Why did Appeasement not work in World War 2?

Answer this question… German leaders would not settle for controlling only parts of the territories they wanted.

What Appeasement proved a poor strategy for slowing German expansion because?

Germany immediately broke agreements to give up expansion in exchange for land

How was Hitler appeased?

From1933 to 1939, Britain and France followed a policy of appeasement. In 1933 Hitler wanted to rearm, although forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles. At a conference, Hitler said, "I will unarm if you do so too." He was allowed to by Britain as the treaty was said to be 'unfair'. They also ignored the remilitarisation of the Rhineland as Britain, France and the League of Nations were dealing with the Abyssinian crisis. They ignored his Anschluss with Austria and helped him gain the Sudetenland in order to appease him. Britain may have done this to give them time to rearm after the great depression and WW1, or Neville Chamberlain may not have realised that Hitler was not to be trusted, and that each demand was not his last one, as he kept promising. However in 1939 when he invaded the whole of Czechoslovakia, they realised, and ended appeasement.

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What did the policy appeasment give Britain a chance to do?

because they fail

What event prompted britain and france to give up their policy of appeasement?

The German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939

What did policy of appeasemennt give Britain a chance to do?

Expand it's Armed Forces.

What was the policy that Great Britain and France followed to give Germany whatever it wanted to keep the peace?

Appeasement. France and and Great Britain Where not ready to go to war again 'cause they had just got out of WWI and they were going through the Great Depression.

Why did Britain and France give up the policy of appeasement?

The UK were obliged to take part in appeasement as much of the interest at the time was in the empire and so were not in an easy position to take part in Europe, known as imperial over-stretch. The other reason that they took an appeasement policy is the international population felt the reparations from WW1 had been too much, so were sympathetic towards Germany.

Why did Neville Chamberlain allow Hitler to annex the Sudetenland?

They were afraid of the effects of standing up to Hitler in case of another war. Both Britain and France were horrified from WW1, and they were both still not ready to fight. So they used the policy of appeasement to give Hitler what he wanted, if it was within reason. Also, people in britain thought that the Treaty of Versailles- which is what took the Sudetenland land from Germany in the first place was too harsh, and that Germany should be treated more equally.

Give an example of appeasement in a sentence?

I gave in and let him have a piece of cake as an appeasement.

Give an example of someone who agreed with chamberlain's policy?

Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement was supported by some members of the British establishment, such as Lord Halifax who believed in diplomatic negotiation with Hitler to avoid war.

What was the plan to give Hitler whatever he wanted?

Appeasement .

Why was it a bad idea to give Germany what he wanted?

Because this follows the policy of appeasement, meaning giving in to others demands, and allowing Hitler to get what he wanted sparked World War II after he launched his invasion into Poland.

The idea that if you give another governments demands you can avoid war?

Appeasement. This did not become a 'dirty word' until it was used in the propaganda war to vilify Neville Chamberlain's policy. It has remained so ever since.

Why was appeasement the policy held by the allies in the 1930's?

they held this policy in an effort to 1st stay out of war and 2nd they belived that if they just made them happy they would stop their aggression. its kinda the idea that if you give the crying child the toy they want they will just stop crying (same idea)