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The yellow star of david had the word "Jude" on it as a symbol of Nazi Persecution. It was also used to make Jews recognizable.

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The yellow star of david had the word "Jude" on it as a symbol of Nazi Persecution. It was also used to make Jews recognizable.

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a star made out of 2 triangles (yellow)

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Q: What did the yellow star of david look like?
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What did the yellow star symbolize?

"Jews during the Holocaust were required to wear the yellow star to let everybody know that they were Jewish." Nope, the six sided yellow star, though it doesn't have to be yellow, is the Star of David, and it is the symbol of the Jewish religion.

Who wore the Star of David in World War 2 and why?

It's a bit unclear whether or not you're asking who was FORCED to wear the Star of David or who 'wore the Star of David in World War 2'. Well, there's not much information on the subject, but when it came to wearing 'the Star of David' into battle, nothing beat the Jewish members of the United States military including all four branches- Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. Numerous Jewish Americans, especially those who fought in the European Theater proudly wore the Star of David into warfare against Nazi Germany. For them, it really was personal. I'm assuming the question is about who was forced to wear a special identifying yellow Star of David. The answer is that, starting in 1941 all Jews throughout the Nazi-occupied regions were ordered and, if necessary, forced to display the yellow Star of David patch sewn or stitched upon the left side of their chest. These yellow Star of David emblems were meant to mock, ridicule, isolate and identify all Jews residing in Nazi-controlled regions. It is highly likely that these Jewish identifiers made the mass-murder of millions of Jews far easier and more efficient.

What was the importance of the Star of David?

From 1941 or 1942 onwards all Jews living in Germany and in most areas under German occupation had to wear a yellow star of David on their outermost items of clothing. The purpose was to make them easily recognizable as Jews.

What role did the yellow star of david play in World War 2?

It was cut from fabric and sewn onto the clothing of a Jewish person to show that he or she was Jewish.

How did the yellow star influence World War 2?

The yellow star was used to mark out Jews but it had no influence on World War 2.

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What are important symbols of Judasim?

We have a symbol, Star of David

The yellow star of David?

Star which Indentifies Jews

Does the star of david always have to be yellow?

it might be blue or yellow

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What does the yellow star mean to a German soldier?

A yellow Star of David was the sign of a 'Jude' or Jew.

What did the star of david look like compared to what the Jews had to wear?

The same. The Star of David became a distinctively Jewish symbol in the early modern era, and consisted then as now as a pair of overlaid equilateral triangles, any color. The Nazis required exactly that symbol, in yellow.

What symbol were Jews supposed to display?

It was a six-pointed Star of David, about the size of a human palm, and yellow in color. And it was not worn on the arm, it was worn on the left breast of the outer garment. During the Holocaust Jews were required to wear yellow star of david's on the chest and back of their clothing.

What does the flag look like in Vietnam?

its all red with a yellow star in the middle.

What does the star of david mean when worn by Jews?

That is four words. The yellow star of David mean a shine yellow star was named after a man name David.

What does seastar look like?

Basically like an orange star with yellow prickles, at least that's what they look like in rhode island

What did the yellow star resemble on the jews?

It represented the Star of David which is the sign for Judaism

Did all Jews have to wear a green Star of David to distinguish themselves?

No. The Star of David was yellow, not green. Additionally, they were not used in all Nazi-Occupied Regions, just most of them. (For example, in Denmark, Jews were not forced to wear the Star of David.) However, in countries like Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland, the Yellow Star was mandatory and the Jews were forced to wear them whenever they went into public.