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To propel there arrows father and with more force.

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Q: What did they use Rocket arrows for?
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How do you get through the team rocket warehouse in Pokemon Leafgreen?

Use the arrows to direct you to the northern area of the warehouse.

How do you get through the rocket warehouse in firered and leafgreen?

use the arrows on the floor of the warehouse to get to the northern area of the warehouse.

What was the first Chinese rocket?

The first Chinese rocket was basically numerous arrows put in a tube with gunpowder near the bottom and then ignited for propulsion of the arrows

Did Aboriginals use bows and arrows?

Yes they did use bow and arrows

How do you use arrows in a sentence?

The archer launched arrows at the target.

How do you make poison arrows in skyrim?

Equip arrows and then use poison.

What would Pocahontas carry or use use as a prop?

and arrows because native amercains shoot arrows

What kind of arrows should you use to train with your dark bow besides dragon arrows?

try rune, get some poisoned arrows if you want. i train with steel and mithril arrows, but if you want to train with good arrows, use dragon and rune, possibly poisened

Can Link use the Light Arrows in Twilight Princess?

Link can't use the light arrows Zelda uses the light arrows so Link can kick Ganon's butt

Did ninjas use bows and arrows?

No, ninjas did not use bows and arrows. Ninjas mostly used Katanas and sometimes, Shruikens

Did the pueblo use bows and arrows?

yes pueblo Indians used bows and arrows

What kind of oil does a rocket use?

Rocket oil