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they're so women!

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Q: What do you think about vietnamese women?
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How do you meet Vietnamese women?

As with any women, go where they are or do what they do. Also online dating can work too (it did for me, even though I was not deliberately looking for Vietnamese women I found one).

What are some clothing Vietnamese were on Tet?

WE wear "Ao dai", a traditional Vietnamese silk dress for women, and formal clothes.

What was the condition of women in Vietnam history?

Women, in Vietnamese history, were treated well. During the medieval time, women were not allowed to go to school, but this later changed, as today, Vietnamese women has full right as men. During the 20th and 21st century, a lot of women were elected as government officials with high ranking.

How do Vietnamese women behave?

Everyone has their own unique personalities. In the city, Vietnamese women are more flamboyant and may wear clothes showing their legs. In rural parts of Vietnam, women tend to be more modest in their clothing and the way the talk. For example, not talking loud.

What is the population of the Vietnamese community in Sydney?

I think its 100,000

How did the American soldiers threat vietnamese woman?

US servicemen treated Vietnamese women the same as they treated men, women, and children in previous wars; as respectively as possible, and under the conditions that citizens of that particular country accepted as normal behavior.

What year did the vietnamese arrive in Australia?

i think they came in 1982.

What does American think of the Vietnamese Communist?

Just another nation.

Why Chinese hate Vietnamese?

no i got a chinese friend at school his chinese he dont hate me.i dont think chinese people hate vietnamese because chinese put vietnamese in movies too like sometimes

What is an ao dai?

An ao dai is a two-panelled dress, worn by Vietnamese women as a national costume.

Is there a website that will give you information about Vietnamese snipers? i think this is the best but if you want a different one check vietnamese snipers in

Is the vietnamese actually located in more than one country?

Yes... I think?