What does NOW mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Now means "Do it right away"

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Q: What does NOW mean?
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What does ahora donde mean?

It means, "and now that" or, if it is phrased as ¿y ahora qué? it would mean "and now what?"

What does not right now mean?

not right now

What does what you are writing right now mean?

you are asking what does what does what you are righting right now mean but it means you are writing something right now.

What does he now re mean?

i have no idea !!!! what does it mean???

What does not now mean?

Not now means later or not at all.

What does currentcity mean?

it mean a city your in right now

What does trabajo ahora mean?

It can mean: 1) "I work now." 2) "I'm working now." 3) It can connote, "I'm going to work now."

Now he belongs to the ages?

what does it mean? "Now belongs to the ages"

What does a vous maintenant mean?

it means "you now" or you right now

What does right now mean?

Right now means at this moment.

What does the phrase 'Have no time now' mean?

"I have no time now" means "I am too busy now."

What does vio contin obligation by child now adult mean?

what is the mean for vio contin oblig child now