What does ak47 stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Avtomat Kalishnikova, 1947 (automatic weapon made by Kalishnikov, and the year of its first design).

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Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947.

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Q: What does ak47 stand for?
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What does 47 stand for in ak47?

1947, the year it was made. It's on wikipedia. :)

How do you get the ak47 on bad compony 2?

there is no ak47 in bad company 2.

Can you get the AK47 in zombies black ops?

no. BUT there is a Ak47u which is the smaller version of an ak47.

Who invented the AK47 rifle?

The AK47 was invented by Mr.Kalishnakov, In the Soviet Union.

Where can you find pictures of an AK47?

click google and then click images and type ak47

Where can you get ak47 dgi-c in blackshot?

Ak47 dgi-c you can get when you reach first Lieutenant black....(ak47 dgi-c has less ammo than other ak's)

Where do you get a AK47 or AK47 on call of duty world at war final fronts?

under your mamas bed

AK47 vs Uzi what would you prefer?

Ak47 is the best only reason (More ammo) :)

What country is the ak47 originated?

The first AK47 was manufactured in the Soviet Union (Present Day Russia)

Where is the golden ak-47 in your wardrobe on playstationhome?

to get the golden ak47 go to socom find the hidden golden ak parts once you have all seven you have to play the golden ak47 assembly game youll be timed if you win youll get a golden ak47 as a decoration the wardrobe ak47 is just a regular ak47 and you get it from playing 5 finger fillet

What is ak47 caliber?

Although there are many variations, most AK47 shoot a ~30 caliber bullet (7.62mm).

Is there such thing as a Lego ak47?