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it means united states navy!!

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Q: What does the USN on the chief petty officer anchor mean?
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What does MCPON mean?

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy

What does ADC mean in the us navy?

ADC = Aviation Power Plants Mechanic, Chief Petty Officer ADCS = Aviation Power Plants Mechanic, Senior Chief Petty Officer ADCM = Aviation Power Plants Mechanic, Master Chief Petty Officer

What does it mean when a chief petty officer say what time is it?

It means he or she wishes to know the time.

What does Ck3 mean in the navy?

Cook petty officer third class

What do CIO CTO and COO titles mean?

CIO = Chief Information Officer CTO = Chief Technology Officer COO = Chief Operating Officer

What does LPO mean in a US navy rate?

"LPO" just stands for Leading Petty Officer. Essentially it refers to the Petty Officer in charge of a division, but it can refer to smaller groups as well (platoon, company, flight, etc.). It can apply to any rating in the Non-commissioned Officer ranks, and to any rank from 3rd Class up to Master Chief. It just depends on who's in charge.

What does NON PO mean on a military id card?

Non-Petty Officer

What does pettiness mean?

Petty, from the French petit (small) means minor in terms of rank or importance, as in petty officer, petty cash or petty theft. In terms of personality it means mean-spirited, low, ungracious. The official definition of the word petty is "of little importance; trivial."

What does a CEO mean?

Chief Executive Officer

What do ceo cfo and cio titles mean 50k?

CEO means chief executive officer CFO means chief financial officer CIO means chief information officer

What does yeoman of the sheets mean?

In the Royal Navy, a Petty Officer in charge of the Sail Locker.

What is mean CO for a job title?

Chief Officer