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The civil war changed the nation in many ways, in the north the war changed the way people thought about our country. The south or Union, people began to think of the united states as a single nation rather than I collection of states. The war also caused the national government to expand.

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During the US Civil War, the individual Southern states had internal issues with state's rights. This element, however, was not a leading cause for the South's defeat. In fact, it had a positive effect in that the individual states aided the war effort using their abilities at the local and state level to supplement the work of the central government in Richmond.

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The United States divided and eventually started the Civil War. During the Civil War, more Americans died than in any other war.

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Q: What effect did the American Civil War have upon the nation?
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Was the Vietnam war a Civil War or a conquest?

It was a conquest. It was NOT a civil war because a CIVIL WAR is fought by ONE NATION against itself. Example: Two brothers fighting in their own home would be a family civil war; they are ONE FAMILY; the American Civil War (US Civil War) was ONE NATION fighting ITSELF. Which is also why the US Civil War was NOT a declared war...because President Lincoln (the North) could not very well be expected to declare war upon himself! NORTH Vietnam was a separate country; SOUTH Vietnam was a separate country.

When did the American civil start?

April 12, 1861, Ft. Sumter was fired upon by Confederate forces.

Why were the Vietnam veterans treated badly at home?

The war had divided the nation; additionally, the war was looked upon by many as a lost cause. Consequently, the returning American GI's were looked upon as losers; losers of a war, and fighting for a lost cause.

What is merrimack?

USS Merrimack was a frigate and is best known as the hull upon which the ironclad warship, CSS Virginia was constructed during the American Civil War

What event had an immeasurable effect upon the unity of the American colonies and helped prepare them for future political religious and economic liberty?

The Great Awakening

What has the author George J Cooper written?

George J. Cooper has written: 'The effect of ionic exchange upon the engineering properties of soil' -- subject(s): Civil engineering

Did the Louisiana purchase strenghen or weaken the no-alliance tradition?

America's purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803 had, if any effect at all, a strengthening effect upon the 'no-alliance tradition' of the nation. For one thing, it deepened America investment in its home-continent. For another thing, it removed the direct influence of a powerful European nation from North America.

What is Thoreau's first thought upon being imprisoned in Civil Disobedience?

Thoreau's first thought upon being imprisoned in Civil Disobedience was about the ineffectiveness of the government and society in addressing the issues of slavery and the Mexican-American War. He believed that by accepting unjust laws and complying with the government's actions, individuals were complicit in perpetuating injustice.

What effects has ICT had upon businesses?

The effect that ICT has had upon businesses?

What was the effect of the state constitutions and the articles of confederation upon the dominant economic classes?

every powerful economic class in the nation suffered either immediate losses or from impediments placed in the way of the development of their enterprises

What event was the immediate short-term cause of the Civil War?

The American Civil Was had many causes, both short- and long-term. The most immediate short-term cause was the outbreak of fire upon Fort Sumter, the Union-held fortress at the mouth of the Confederate-occupied Charleston (South Carolina) harbor. Once this fort was fired upon and then taken by Southern troops, the Civil War had finally begun in earnest.

What was the reconstruction main goal?

The main goal of Reconstruction was to reunite the northern and southern states after the American Civil War. In particular, its aim was to help the South be rebuilt upon its readmission to the Union.