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The Third Reich did not do good things, they did terrible things. Also known as Nazi Germany under the Dictatorship of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis exterminated over 6 million Jews in an attempt to racially cleanse the German nation to create an "Aryan nation". The Third Reich are known for being one of the most evil and unethical organizations in world history.

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Q: What good things did the third Reich do?
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What are good books on the Nazis?

"The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by William L. Shirer , "The Coming of the Third Reich"/ "The Third Reich in Power"and "The Third Reich at War"by Richard J. Evans , "The Order of the Death's Head: The Story of Hitler's SS" by Heinz Zollin Hohne and "The Third Reich: A New History" by Michael Burleigh .

Name that Hitler gave his government?

Hitler's regime was officially known as Deutsches Reich (from 1933-1943) and Großdeutsches Reich (from 1943-1945). The term Drittes Reich (Third Reich) was never an official term and only used occasionally by the Nazis for propagandistic purposes.

What nation did the Third Reich control the fate of?

The Third Reich was in control of Germany.

When was The Third Reich - novel - created?

The Third Reich - novel - was created in 2010.

When was Inside the Third Reich created?

Inside the Third Reich was created in 1982.

In Under Hitler's rule Germany was called the .?

third Reich

How many pages does The Third Reich - novel - have?

The Third Reich - novel - has 288 pages.

What is the duration of Inside the Third Reich?

The duration of Inside the Third Reich is 4.17 hours.

What was Hitlers government called?

Hitlers government was called the Third Reich

What was Adolf Hitlers name For the new German empire?

Third Reich Hitler wanted to call the new German Reich.

What was the name of the armed services in the Third Reich?

The name of the armed services of the Third Reich was Wehrmacht.

When was The Man Who Invented the Third Reich created?

The Man Who Invented the Third Reich was created in 1999.