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Hitlers government was called the Third Reich

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The third reich.

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Q: What was Hitlers government called?
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What was hitlers symbol called?


What was hitlers party called?


How did Omura compare the US government to Hitlers Nazi government?

Omura compared the US government to Hitlers Nazi government by saying that the Jews got angry when Hitler mistreated them, just as the Japanese citizens were getting angry for Americans unfair mistreatment.

What was hitlers youth program called?

It was called Hitler Jugend

Which type of government was found in Hitlers Nazi regime in Germany?


Was hitlers house called the birdsnest?

no it was Eagle's Nest

What was the allied front called?

Hitlers holiday home

What was hitlers eastern front lair?

It was called the Wolf's Lair.

What was Adolf Hitlers brother called?

Gustav, Otto and Edmund.

What was Hitler's Swashticker?

Hitlers Swashsticker is called the Nazi flag

What was adolf hitlers master race called?

The Aryan race

What was the hitlers political party called and what was their symbol?