Who is hitlers dad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hitlers father was Alois Hitler.

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Q: Who is hitlers dad?
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Where was Hitler's dad born?

adolph hitlers dad was born on uranus and died because he was a stupid idiot! :)

How old was hitlers dad when he started the war?

By that time Hitler's dad had already died.

Did hitlers dad hit him?

Yes, his father was quite abusive.

What was Hitlers mum and dad called?

Alois Hitler And Klara Hitler

When did Hitlers dad die?

Alois Hitler was born in 1837 and died in 1903.

Was Hitlers dad killed?

No. Alois Hitler died a natural death in 1903.

What was Hitlers birth order?

He came from swines. His dad was a swine so was the rest.

What countries did adolf hitlers dad rule?

Adolf Hitler's dad did not rule any country, he was a customs official in Austria.

Was Hitlers dad Jewish?

No Hitler had no Jewish ancestry

Adolf hitlers mum and dad names?

Hitler's father's name was Alois and his mother, Klara.

What was adolf hitlers parents jobs?

mum= peasant girl dad= minor customs official

When did Adolf Hitlers Dad die?

Jan 1903 he had a herromage by the way carl had no clue what he just put.:>