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Parents desperate to get their kids away from the Nazis sent them on the Kindertransport. The trip was rough on the kids but they were sent to safe areas like London where they lived with friends or relatives until the war was over.

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Q: What happend to the children when they got off the kindertransport?
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What were some of the contributions form children during World War 1?

Some children got jobs and replaced the men who were off at war

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Could the evacuees choose where they got evacuated in World War 2?

The evacuees had absolutely no say at all in where they went, unless they had relatives living in one of the 'safe' areas. They were basically herded into the trains and sent off, with no idea where they were going at all. Their parents would have had no idea either until they got a letter from their child. Once they got to the village in which they were staying, they were taken to the village hall or school and were made to stand around the edge of it. It was then the villagers duty to come and choose as many children as they had spare beds. If there was not enough room for all of the children, then a billeter would take any remaining children around the village in case someone hadn't come to collect a child whenm they had a spare bed or to see if someone was willing to let the child squeeze into their house for a day or two until someone had been found who could take them in. Hope this helps!

What happened in World War 2 after evacuation?

In the war the government thought it was to dangerous to keep the children in London were the bombings were going on. So the sent the children off to strangers in the country side were they can be safe . Children didnt often see their parents but they wrote letters . Parents missed out on their children birthdays and Christmas.

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