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a war

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Q: What happened at The battle at the nek World War 1?
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When did Battle of the Nek happen?

Battle of the Nek happened on 1915-08-07.

When did Battle of Latema Nek happen?

Battle of Latema Nek happened on 1916-03-11.

When did Battle of Laing's Nek happen?

Battle of Laing's Nek happened on 1881-01-28.

How many Anzacs died at The Nek?

There were 372 Anzac casualties out of the 600 fighting at the Battle of the Nek. This battle was part of the World War I campaign in Gallipoli.

What is the Battle of Nek?

the battle of nek is the most brutal battle ever because it was in WW1.

When was the battle of the NEK?

The Battle of the Nek took place on August 7, 1915. It was part of the Gallipoli campaign. The result of the battle was a victory for Ottoman.

Who fought the battle of the nek?

There were 372 people wounded and killed in the Battle of the Nek. This battle took place on August 7, 1915.

When did Slachter's Nek Rebellion happen?

Slachter's Nek Rebellion happened in 1815.

What was the outcome of the battle of Lexington's?

Nek minit

What was the outcome of the Battle of Lexington?

Nek minit

Who won the battle of the Nek gallipoli?

THE Turks

What battle tactics were used at the Nek?

Tactical retreat