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Answer 89 BattlesAccording to "A Dictionary of Battles 1816-1976(1977) there were 89 battles in the First World War, all fronts included, though this does not include every skirmish or limited action that could not be considered a general "battle", perse. These engagements include, for instance, the Isonzo campaign in Italy that involved over ten separate phases over three years, as well as the East African campaign whereby the British tried desperately to hunt down the German Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck from the very beginning of the war until the German surrender. Obviously, this involved many small and fierce engagements, but it is one entry in this dictionary.

Nonetheless, I would answer 89 based on this reference material.

i went on a website recently, and gave up counting at 121 battles.

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Major Land Battles of World War 1.

In no particular order,

Battle of Liège

Battle of Mulhouse

Battle of Lorraine

Battle of the Ardennes

Battle of Charleroi

Battle of Mons

Battle of Stalluponen

Battle of Gumbinnen

Battle of Tannenberg

Battle of Galicia

First Battle of the Masurian Lakes

Battle of the Vistula River

Battle of Łódź

Siege of Maubeuge

Battle of Le Cateau

Battle of St. Quentin, also called the Battle of Guise

First Battle of the Marne

First Battle of the Aisne

Siege of Antwerp

First Battle of Albert

First Battle of Arras

Battle of the Yser

First Battle of Ypres

Siege of Przemysl

Battle of Bolimov

Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes

Great Retreat (Russian)

Sventiany Offensive

First Battle of Champagne

Battle of Neuve Chapelle

First Battle of the Isonzo

Second Battle of the Isonzo

Third Battle of the Isonzo

Fourth Battle of the Isonzo

Fifth Battle of the Isonzo

Trentino Offensive or the "Battle of Asiago"

Sixth Battle of the Isonzo or the "Battle of Gorizia"

Seventh Battle of the Isonzo

Eighth Battle of the Isonzo

Ninth Battle of the Isonzo

Tenth Battle of the Isonzo

Eleventh Battle of the Isonzo

Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo or the "Battle of Caporetto"

Battle of the Piave River

Battle of Vittorio Veneto

Lake Naroch Offensive

Brusilov Offensive

Second Battle of Ypres

Second Battle of Artois

Battle of Loos

Second Battle of Champagne

Battle of Verdun

Battle of Sarikamis

Battle of Malazgirt

Battle of Kara Killisse

Battle of Koprukoy

Battle of Erzurum

Battle of Erzincan

Battle of Hulluch

Battle of the Somme

Battle of Fromelles

Battle of Pozières

Battle of Ginchy

Nivelle Offensive

Battle of Arras

Battle of Vimy Ridge

Second Battle of the Aisne, also called the Third Battle of Champagne

Battle of Messines

Battle of Passchendaele, also called the Third Battle of Ypres

Battle of Cambrai

Battle of Cer

Battle of Kolubara

Battle of Morava

Battle of Kosovo

Battle of Ovche Pole

Battle of the Nek

Battle of Chunuk Bair

Battle of Gully Ravine

Battle of Hill 60 (Gallipoli)

Battle of Krithia Vineyard

Battle of Lone Pine

Battle of Sari Bair

Battle of Scimitar Hill

Landing at Anzac Cove

Landing at Cape Helles

First Battle of Krithia

Second Battle of Krithia

Third Battle of Krithia

First Suez Offensive

Battle of Romani or "The Second Suez Offensive"

Battle of Magdhaba

Battle of Rafa

Battle of Mughar Ridge

Battle of Jerusalem

Fall of Damascus

First Battle of Gaza

Second Battle of Gaza

Third Battle of Gaza or the "Battle of Beersheba"

Battle of Beersheba

Battle of Megiddo

Fao Landing

Fall of Basra

Battle of Qurna

Capture of Amara

Battle of Nasiriyeh

Battle of Es Sinn

Battle of Ctesiphon

Siege of Kut

Battle of Sheikh Sa'ad

Battle of the Wadi

Battle of Hanna

Battle of Dujaila Redoubt

First Battle of Kut

Battle of Khanaqin

Second Battle of Kut

Fall of Baghdad

Samarrah Offensive

Battle of Jebel Hamlin

Battle of Istabulat

Battle of Ramadi

Capture of Tikrit

Battle of Sharqat

Fall of Cameroon

Fall of German West Africa (Namibia)

Battle of Killimanjaro

Fall of Togo

Battle of Tanga or Battle of the Bees

Battle of Rufiji Delta

Battle of Longido

Battle of Sandfontein

If I have missed any, sorry

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Battle of the Marne (1914)

Battle of Verdun (1916)

Battle of Ypres (1915)

Battle of Gallipoli (1915)

Battle of the Somme (1916)

Battle of Arras (1917)

Battle of Caporetto (1917)

Battle of Passchendaele (1917)

Battle of Amiens (1918)

Battle of Jutland (sea 1916)

AnswerGallipoli, Jutland, Ypres, Pachendale, Mons, Seige of Accaba [T E Lawrence] Dardenelles, Battle North Atlantic [submarines]. Russian uprising revolution, Ardennes, Invasion of Belgium
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Mons August, 1914 Tannenberg August, 1914 Heligoland August, 1914 Marne September, 1914 Aisne September, 1914 Albert September, 1914 Arras October, 1914 Ypres October - November, 1914 Neuve Chapelle March, 1915 Gallipoli Campaign March, 1915 - January, 1916 Artois May, 1915 Isonzo June, 1915 Artois-Loos September, 1915 Verdun February - December, 1916 Jutland May, 1916 Somme July - November, 1916 Gorizia August, 1916 Flers-Courcelette September, 1916 Gaza March - April, 1917 Arras April - May, 1917 Aisne April -May, 1917 Messines June, 1917 Passchendaele July - November, 1917 Caporetto October, 1917 Cambrai November, 1917 Aisne May, 1918 Le Hamel July, 1918 Marne July, 1918 Amiens August, 1918 Albert August, 1918 St Mihiel September, 1918 Meuse-Argonne September - November, 1918 Canal du Nord September, 1918 Vittorio Veneto October, 1918

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There were hundreds of battles in World War I and thousands of skirmishes all over the world. Two battles cost the lives of more than 1.5 million people. These were the Battle of the Ardennes and the Battle of the Argonne Forest.

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1. Battle of Liege

2. Battle of Stalluponen

3. Siege of Namur

4. Battle of Tannenberg

5. Battle of Guise

6. Siege of Antwerp

7. Battle of Yves

8. Battle of Sari Bair

9. Battle of Verdun

10. Battle of Belleau Wood

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Here are 5:

Meuse-Argonne, St. Mihiel, Chateau-Thierry, Cantigny, and the second battle of Marne.

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Q: Where were most of the battles fought during world war 1?
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