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Mick McDonnell the first boss of "The Squad" which operated directly on the orders of Michael Collins was sent to the United States in February, 1921, due to ill health. He had contracted TB and was admitted to Jervis Street Hospital in Dublin in early 1921. On the basis that he should live in a dry sunny climate Collins sent him to California to recuperate. He was paid a wage out of IRA funds.

After the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in December 1921 McDonnell offered to return to Irleand to help Collins in whatever way required. In May, 1922, Collins wrote to him telling him to stay in California and not to worry about what was happening at home.

Collins was killed in August 1922 and in December McDonnell's first child was born in California. He was named Michael Collins McDonnell.

Mick McDonnell was put on the Irish national army list and paid a a salary at the rank of Colonel. He was subsequently awarded a military service pension and remained in California.

(Information from Mick McDonnell's file in the Military Service Pensions Collection now available on line on the site of the Bureau of Military History in Dublin)

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Q: What happened to mick mcdonnell of the squad after the war of independence?
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