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The Mexican-American war and the many disagreements about Texas.

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Q: What historical grievence was Germany trying to exploit via the zimmerman telegraph?
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What request does Germany make of Mexico in regards to Germany's war against Japan?

this is a war of Germany and the u.s. in ww1 and not japan, it has to deal with the zimmerman telegraph.

What did the zimmerman telegraph and the lusitania have to do with America joining the Great War?

Germany didn't have to torpedoed a passenger ship even if it was smuggling weapons. And the Zimmerman telegraph offered Mexico their land that they had lost and had been taken from America and this message came from Germany which made USA join the war because Germany wanted to attack them.

What events brought America to ww1 name 3?

the Zimmerman telegraph, Germany shooting down the Lusitania that had passengers on it and Germany's policy of unrestricted submarine warfare.

What was the inportance of Zimmermann telegraph and the Lusitania?

Zimmerman sent a telegram to Mexico to try and convince Mexico to attack the US with the help of Germany

When did US became involved in world war 1?

after 1) Germany's submarines sunk their ships 2) they intercepted the zimmerman telegraph

What country sent Zimmerman Telegram to Mexico?

Germany sent the Zimmerman Telegram to Mexico.

What country sent the Zimmerman telegram to Mexico?

Germany sent the Zimmerman Telegram to Mexico.

What country wrote the Zimmerman Note?


How did America become aware of the Zimmerman Telegraph?

The Germans sent the telegraph in secret code using telegraph cables borrowed from the US- when the war started, Britain destroyed Germany's cables, so the US allowed Germany to borrow the American cables. Because these American cables were near Britain, the British were able to tap into them and read the German (and American) messages being sent. The British had broken the German codes, and were secretly reading everything Germany was sending. So when the Zimmerman telegraph was sent, the British also got it. However, if the British publicized the message, then Germany would know that Britain had broken the codes. So the British had to set up an elaborate plan to make it look like they actually stole the secret message from the German embassy in Mexico. Once that was successful, the British gave the message to the United States, and the United States was able to use their own telegraph records (since, as earlier said, the Germans were using the American cables) to verify that the message was real.

The Zimmerman telegram was a huge diplomatic mistake by?


Zimmerman note was sent from Germany to?

The Zimmerman note was meant to be sent to Mexico, before it was intercepted by the United States.

What started World War 1 for America?

The combination of three main events, that were; Unrestricted Submarine warfare from Germany's behalf, the zimmerman telegraph, which was an incident where Germany sent a telegraph to Mexico asking them to deaclare war upon the U.S. and the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 killing 128 U.S. and an additional 4 U.S. passanger ships carring supplies to Britain for the war effort. For these reasons the U.S. based their grounds to start war, and declar war against Germany.