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Rock and roll music was just about the closest thing GIs had to a computer over there. So, whenever music could be played it was. Steppenwolfs "Born to be Wild" was sometimes hooked up for the tank crew, when a "Thunder-run" was being made.

That tape was fairly popular as the song's words just about described a thunder-run. A Patton tank drove down the road with it's 90mm gun and .50 caliber machinegun blazing away, which matched up with the song's "fire all of your guns and watch them explode into flame..."

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Nearly all of the music from the 60's consists of defiance and protesting; especially the rock 'n roll music. Country Music was often supportive of the men and attacked the war, seemingly, less. Whatever the messeges, the young men in Vietnam, 17 thru their 20's enjoyed the music.

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Full auto (no longer used by the US for the common rifleman) was nick-named, "rock n roll."

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Q: What impact did the Vietnam War have on music?
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