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they go on duty imeadiatly and respond to what the can take on

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Q: What is Emergency brigade member?
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What is another name for Emergency brigade member?

a EMt unit, a firefighter

What are the German emergency numbers?

police:110 fire brigade/medical emergency: 112

How do you use brigade in a sentence?

The fire brigade was very quick to respond to the emergency. Jimmy wishes to be apart of the fire brigade when he gets older. A brigade of helpers came rushing to the scene. The word brigade means 'squad' or 'team'.

What are the three emergency services?

Generally, police - fire brigade - ambulance.

What are the release dates for With Babies and Banners Story of the Women's Emergency Brigade - 1979?

With Babies and Banners Story of the Women's Emergency Brigade - 1979 was released on: USA: 6 February 1979 (New York City, New York)

What is a member of the senior regiment of infantry in the household brigade?


If you had to call the fire brigade in France what number would you dial?

From any landline in France, dial the 17 (emergency line of the local police station). There is also the 112 that you can call from any mobile; this is a all-purpose emergency number where the operator will sort your needs (medical, etc..) and put you through to the relevant emergency service (fire brigade and first aid, police, medics, highway patrol..). Be prepared to state your location and a description of the matter you are calling for.

What are emergency services?

The Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Lifeboats and Mountain Rescue are examples of Emergency services. They are the first responders to accidents and disasters and provide first line help.

Who were the 99 gurkha infantry brigade?

I served on Labuan with the Ordnance Field Park of 99 Brigade in 1963 during the Indonesian Emergency I serves in NeeSoon Sinapore in 1965 with 99 brigade

In which city is the MFB the Metropolitan Fire Brigade located?

The MFB, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade is located in Melbourne, Australia. It is also known as the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board and the headquarters are located in east Melbourne.

Who is the actress in the new mcdonalds mcrib commercial?

Allyn Rachel who is a member of the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater.

Who do you call when a plane is about to crash?

One typically calls loved ones. But only if you are on the plane,if not,call the fire brigade and other emergency services.