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Q: What is a final demand before a war called?
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What is the final demand which will result in war if not met?

The final demand is called an "Ultimatum" which is Latin for "the last one", that is a demand. If the ultimatum is refused or ignored a state of war is declared and war commences. This is the correct and legal procedure to declare war.

What final demand will end negotiations and lead to war?


Final demand that if not met will end negotiations and lead to war?


What is a final demand if not met will end neogoiations and lead to war?


What did the final peace settlement of world war 1 demand Germany?

h can you help me please

What was the holocaust called during World War 2?

The Final Solution

What nations did Hitler take over or demand in the lead up to actual war?

Germany annexed Austria in 1938 one year before WWII. The name of the annexation was called Anschluss.

Before world war 1 what were the allied powers called?

The Allied powers were called " Triple Entente " before the war started.

What was the final place that Hitler invaded before the start of World War 2?

your house

What was World War 1 called before it was called World War 1?

The Great War, or the War to end all Wars.

What was World War 1 called before World War 2?

The Great War

What were the central powers and the allies called before the war?

the central powers were known before the war as the triple alliance and before the war the allies were known as the triple entente