What is a m-60?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a gun.

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Q: What is a m-60?
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What is postcode Manchester piccadilly train station?

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I need MN form M60 - where can I find it ?

where can I find Minnesota form M60?

How can you take M60 in GTA Vice City?

There is not any cheat about m60.There are three road to take m60 1-) You can find A m60 at the Army Base near the airport 2-) If you complete Malibu and Phil Cassidy's missions,you can buy M60 at the Phil's Place if you have enough money 3-) In Pnohm Penh 86 missions after you complete the missions,Diaz give M60 for you,you can hide it to use later A thanks is enough for me .....:)

What is a Caliber a M60?

The M60 machinegun fires the 7.62 NATO cartridge- very similar to the .308 Winchester.

What company makes the gun called the M60?

The company that makes the M60 is the Patton Copmpany. The US Army use the M60 and replaced their Browning rifles with it. The Patton Company is named after General Patton.

How long is the M60?

The M60 general purpose machine gun has an overall length of 43.5 inches (1,105 millimeters).

What kind of round does m60 RIFFLE take?

The M60 general purpose machine gun is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge.

What country use the M60?


Is the M60 machine gun 50 cal?

No. The M60 is chambered for the much smaller 7.62 NATO cartridge (similar to the .308 Winchester).

Where is the Micro SD slot for the Dell Precision M60?

The M60 does not have a Micro SD slot. You can purchase an external USB card reader to do the job.

What size buttet fit an m60?

The M60 general purpose machine gun fires the 7.62x51mmNATO cartridge from disintegrating M13 belt links.

What was the cost of an M60 tank in 1965?

1.2 million