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"It's a trap!"

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Q: What is admiral ackbar famous for saying?
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When was Admiral Ackbar created?

Admiral Ackbar was created in 1983.

Who says It's a trap in Star Wars Episode 6?

Admiral Ackbar

How did admiral ackbar die?

Eventually, yes, but not in the only film he appears in, "Return of the Jedi"

What is the name of the squid in return to the Jedi called?

His name is Admiral Ackbar and he is a Mon Calimarian

What were some of the reasons the US was defeated?

The enemy was led by Admiral Ackbar, and he knew when it was a trap.

What species is admiral ackbar in star wars?

wikipedia says he is "Mon Calamari" "an amphibious race from the planet Dac."

Who would win in LEGO star wars LEGO General Grievous or LEGO admiral ackbar?

Defiantly General Grievous. He is military trained, good at fighting and very sly. Admiral Ackbar is not any of these, though he is a good thinker and can come up with useful tactics that General Grievous would not be capable of.

The squid-like alien in Return of the Jedi who realizes that it's a trap is called?

His name is Admiral Ackbar and he is a Mon Calimarian

Why do Muslims shout Admiral Ackbar?

"Admiral Ackbar" is a mistaken rendering of the Islamic expression in Arabic "Allaho Akbar" (الله أكبر). It means "God is the Greatest" and is shouted to indicate that the Muslim Terrorist believes that he is committing the upcoming act of violence as an act of martyrdom on God's behalf.

What is a greeb?

Greeb was an Imperial admiral, whose fleet held station over Ithor in 0 ABY. His fleet was driven away from Ithor by the forces of Admiral Ackbar, during the First Battle of Ithor.

How old is admiral ackbar?

he turned 567 last spring his birthday is only on leap year on a full moon when the left quadrant of the sun faces the moon.

When was Ackbar Khan born?

Ackbar Khan was born in 1931.