What is an Radiation Sickness?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Radiation poisoning, also called radiationsickness or a creeping dose, is a form of damage to organ tissue due to excessive exposure to ionizing radiation.

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Q: What is an Radiation Sickness?
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What are 3 reasons radiation sickness varies?

Radiation sickness varies depending upon duration of exposure, whether it was an internal or external exposure, and the dosage of radiation.

How long does radiation sickness last?

my niece has a brain tumour it is inoperable. I would like to know how long the sickness lasts after radiation

What will be the medical problems after a nuke?

there will be radiation sickness

Which of these are NOT an early symptom of radiation sickness?


Which of these is not an early symptom if radiation sickness?

- diarrhea

What are the early signs of radiation sickness?

The first indicators of radiation sickness are nausea and vomiting. Symptoms will begin within the first six hours after over exposure.

Identify three reasons radiation sickness varies?

individual sensitivity radiation dose absorbed type of radiation

Which of these is not really an early symptom of radiation sickness?


What is the ICD 9 code for radiation sickness?


Cbrne what are some early symptoms of radiation sickness?

Nausea, ...

Radiation sickness can be prevented by?

Wearing a NBC or Hazmat suit

What could the dangers of nuclear testing be?

Radiation sickness and death.