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One country attacks another because of a promise it made to a third country.

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When France, Russia and Britain formed the Triple Entente to defend themselves from the Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy (a.k.a Triple Alliance)

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When was the dual alliance invented in world war 1?

Dual Alliances were not invented in World War I. Any time two countries were allied in a military alliance, it was a dual alliance. It was just the name of an alliance in the WWI period.

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Which event from the time line could be considered a step by world leaders towards establishing peace in the post war world?

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Who was the German Chancellor prior to World War I who established the Triple Alliance?

The Triple Alliance was formed by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in two stages: 1. Alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary (1879). 2. In 1882 Italy, which at the time was in dispute with France in North Africa, joined the alliance. Italy's joining didn't really make sense as Italy had claims on Austria-Hungary. The Triple Alliance was not something created in the run-up to World War 1.

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