What is lineage commitment?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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lineage commitment

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Q: What is lineage commitment?
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How does a monk show his complete commitment?

Through observing all of his ordination vows which can number in the hundreds depending on the lineage.

What part of speech is lineage?

Lineage is a noun.

How do use lineage in a sentence?

She was proud to trace her lineage back to the Mayflower settlers.

How do you use lineage in a sentence?

You are not black or white. You all are human, check your lineage .

What is the study of lineage?

Genealogy is the study of lineage.

What is the definition of lineage?

lineage - descent, 'house', dynasty

What is a sentence for the words 'compatible' and 'lineage'?

The sire's bloodline is not compatible with the dame's lineage. The Royals will be miffed if our lineage is not compatible.

When did Lineage II happen?

Lineage II happened in 2003.

A sentence for the word lineage?

The royal family's lineage can be traced back for generations.

Can you give example sentences with word lineage?

Be proud of your Lineage. lineage does not mean everything!

Is the royal Windsor family a direct lineage from Jesus?

No, there is no known lineage of that kind.

When was Celestial Lineage created?

Celestial Lineage was created on 2011-09-13.