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Caliban is kept in control by physical torture while Ariel is kept in control by mind munipulation

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Q: What is major difference in the way that caliban and Ariel are treated?
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What is a major difference in the way that Caliban and Ariel are treated?

Ariel is treated with more respect because the king's men are afraid of him, while Caliban is treated with less dignity because people consider him a monster.

What is the major difference I am the way that Caliban and Ariel are treated?

sure. Ariel is a gentle creature, I imagine her as a white short haired womanly creature, pale and with rosy lips. Caliban on the other hand is swarthy and misformed, I imagine him as a hunchback hairy man. A long beard and uncombed hair. Caliban, I imagine is wearing leather and fur. Ariel is probably wearing white robe, soft and fluttery. Ariel is airy, so she would walk swiftly, soft step, like a ballerina. Caliban is more earthy so I would think he would slither and slosh along. I hope I helped. Freya R. H.

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