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Swastika (Sanskrit "Suastika" - "[You] Be Good")

The symbol was known in ancient India, It was also known to the English as the Fylfot., to the Greeks as the Tetraskelion and to the Celts as the Tetraskele, to the Europeans, to the Chinese; even Native American ornamentation contains swastikas, perhaps via the Vikings. Ironically, it is a good luck symbol and it is a symbol of our commingled Proto Indo-European roots.

In Germany it was known as the Hakenkreuz. It became their nationalistic cultural emblem. Then, unfortunately, the Nazis adopted it as part of their new flag . That made it a Bad Luck symbol.

There are now "Reclaim the Swastika" movements comprising those who feel that the memory of Naziism should no longer be allowed to besmirch an old and very traditional symbol. They are quite right to do this, but I think it will be some time before it becomes a good luck symbol in Israel.

These things take time, mainly time for living memory to pass.

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Q: What is origin of the swastika?
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The swastika.

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The symbol of Hitler's political party, the Nazis, was the swastika.

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Hitler took the Swastika from Hindu mythology. It symbolizes peace and prosperity. Ironic, no?

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The 卐, or Swastika It is actually a tilted Swastika. The Swastika is actually a Hindu symbol. If you take the symbol and tilt it 45, so that the vertices and diagonals are vertical and horizontal, you get the Nazi Swastika.