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I know of no animal symbol for World War 2, but some countries are symbolized by animals; bear for Russia, lion for Great Britain, eagle for USA, and dragon for China.

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Q: What is the animal war time symbol for World War 2?
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What is Ares symbol?

Ares' symbol is typically associated with weapons of war, especially the spear and shield. The animal most commonly linked to Ares is the vulture.

What is the connection Animal Farm and Russia in World War 2?

Animal Farm is about the Russain Revolution, which was happening at the same time

What was the German war symbol during World War 1?

It was the Iron Cross.

What was the swastika in world war 2?

The symbol of the Nazi party.

When was the first swastika used World War 1 or World War 2?

The swastika is a very old symbol. But to answer your question it was used by the Nazis in World War 2.

What was the symbol for the Austria-Hungarian military during World War 1?

A 2-headed eagle looking East & West was the symbol for the Austria-Hungarian military during World War 1.

What was the symbol for foot soldiers in World war 1?

Trench warfare was the symbol of a foot soldier in World War 1. Most of the battles for the foot soldier took place from a trench dug for protection.

What is the Symbol for remember?

It is usually referred to as a Poppy, from world war 2, because Canada had lost many soldiers during that time. the Poppies are the flower which grows around their graves, thus making it a symbol for their remembrance.

Was the Union flag used as a battle symbol at any time during World War ll?

Of course it was.The union flag was the origanal American flag.

What Chinese zodiac animal symbol would be for 1918 at the end of world war 1?

1918 yang earth horse november yin water pig 11 november yang water dog

Who was the symbol for the female defense workers you world war 2?

Rosy the Riveter

What symbol did the Jews wear in World War 2?

A yellow Star of David