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Vietnam War veterans are members of the military (of any country) who have served during the Vietnam war (1959-1975) -- while World War 2 veterans served during WWII (1939-1945). I have several family members who have served in both wars. You can learn about some of the symbols/conflicts/awards during both wars at SoldierCity. They have a large assortment of medals, patches, and flags for both wars. In fact, I just went to to get a Vietnam flag for my grandfather (a Vietnam War veteran), and some World War 2 clothing w/Navy ships for his dad (one of our highly honored WWII veterans, who's alive and well to this day!)

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Based upon the needs of US veterans, the VA adjusts (changes) its regulations from time to time. Sometimes, for example, it might begin the Vietnam War in 1955, then later, adjust the beginning of the war to 1961, then later, change it to 1964, possibly because those particular veterans have passed on, and the VA gears up to treat the newer veterans that are still in need of treatment.

Therefore, as an example; if the VA considers the Vietnam "ERA" to be between 1961 thru 1975, and your father (brother, friend, husband, son, etc.) was in the US Navy stationed in the Mediterranean Sea (which is no where near Vietnam) during that time frame then he would be a Vietnam ERA vet.

So the next question should be; why is "Era" important, since the man's no where near Vietnam? It's important because the man's in the US Military (USN in this example), and he CAN be sent to Vietnam at any moment. His ship could be ordered to the gunline off the coast of Vietnam within seconds, and the man's journey will immediately begin FROM the Mediterranean Sea.

A Viet Vet is a serviceman that actually served IN COUNTRY. US Warships on the gunline were considered in country. In some cases, US Airmen stationed in Thailand may or may not be considered in country, depending upon the agency awarding credits or funding. USAF personnel stationed in Thailand operated the B-52 bombers and other strike aircraft.

BOTTOM LINE: Viet Era meant served in the MILITARY during the war; but not in VN.

Viet Vet meant served in Vietnam during the war.

The above paragraph erroneously states that US Warships on the gunline were considered to be " in country". As a Navy Veteran who served off the coast for 12 months ( 1971-1972)with DESRON 15 during operation "Freedom Train" and "Linebacker on a Destroyer ( DD786) firing over 32,000 rounds and receiving over 1,500 return enemy shellings, the VA still considers me a " Bluewater" Navy Vet, not eligible for compensation due to AGENT ORANGE exposure, because I was not "In Country". I have received the Combat Action Ribbon, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with 2 Bronze Stars, and The Good Conduct Medal. I assume that the VA considers me a Vietnam Era Vet, not a Vietnam vet.

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Most vets are accepted by their fellow countrymen. Many Viet Vets either had to lie (say they weren't in Vietnam) or fight their countrymen upon their return.

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Q: What is the difference between a Vietnam Veteran to a World War 2 Veteran?
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