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army navy marienes air force and cost guard ;)

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The U.S. Army

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Q: What is the largest branch of the armed forces?
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What branch can commands armed forces?

The whole if the armed forces are not commanded by a single branch of it.

Which branch of the us armed forces has admirals?

The branch of the US armed forces that has admirals is the Navy. The armed forces is made up of the army, air forces and the navy.

What branch serves as commanders of all armed forces?

Executive branch, the commander in chief is the president who is in this branch.

Which branch heads the armed forces?

the executive branch

What branch pays for the armed forces?

Legislative Branch

What branch provide for our armed forces?

The Executive Branch is the one that is over the Armed Forces. The Executive Branch consists of the President and Vice President.

What branch commands the US armed forces?

The US Armed Forces are coprised of five separate branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. None of the branches commands the Armed Forces, that job is reserved for the President of the United States, as the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces.

Which country has the largest armed force?

North Korea has the largest total number of armed forces, with about 9,500,000. Counting only active military, North Korea has about 1,100,000 armed forces. China has the largest active numbers of armed forces, with about 2,300,000. Including reserve and paramilitary, China has 4,600,000 armed forces.

What branch tells armed forces what to do?


What branch of the armed forces does the delta forces belong?

US Army

What city has the biggest armed forces?

Fort Hood in Texas, USA is the largest armed forces base by land area. Ford Benning in Georgia, USA is the largest armed forces base by personnel.

What branch of government pays for the armed forces?

Department of Defense.