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Pacification was showing the "support" side of the military and the war. For example, a military unit might send in it's medic's to administer medicine for a village; or an engineer unit might repair a dirt road for a nearby town (village), or repair a bridge for them. Or repair a school house.

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Q: What is the pacification program used by the US?
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What are the pacification techniques used by the American to colonize Philippines?

the pacification techniques of american

US forces moved Vietnamese residents to a secure location under this policy?


Why did the us program pacification fail?

It failed due to the offensive operations not coinciding with the "hearts & minds" programs being done to pacify the south Vietnamese, also some of the "pacification" program's had the opposite effect, the strategic hamlet program being 1 example, forcing people from their homes and putting them in fortified locations isn't the best method of making them like you.

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When did Pacification of Tonkin happen?

Pacification of Tonkin happened in 1896.

When did Pacification of Algeria happen?

Pacification of Algeria happened in 1835.

When was Violent Pacification created?

Violent Pacification was created in 1984.

When did Pacification of Manchukuo happen?

Pacification of Manchukuo happened in 1938.

When did Kuomintang pacification of Qinghai happen?

Kuomintang pacification of Qinghai happened in 1927.

When did Pacification of Rabaul happen?

Pacification of Rabaul happened on 1943-12-17.

What was the practice of pacification?

It was a US and vietnamese policy of moving villagers to refugee camps and then burning their villages.

Who was the US pacifying with its policy of Pacification?

In the 1960's pacification policy , They were pacifying Vietnamese.This gave them option that if under suspicion that a Vietnamese village was to be helping Vietcong they would all be killed off and the village destroyed