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Q: What is the term for Increasing military involvement in the war?
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What are the causes of military involvement in Africa?


Who was the emperor of japan during it's military rise and involvement in world war 2?

Hirohito .

What decision did President George H.W. Bush make about the Gulf War in Iraq?

avoid long-term involvement In Iraq. ♥

What term refers to military and civilian prepartions for war?

The term that refers to military and civilian preparations for war is what is called Mobilization. ~NS

When did the US stop forcing Americans to enter war?

When the American involvement in the Vietnam war ended in 1973, the United States military stopped drafting men into military service.

Changes brought about within Australia as a rsult ofAustralia's involvement in the Vietnam War?

An all volunteer military.

How many years after World War 1 began in Europe did the US enter the war?

War: 1914-1918 US military involvement: 1917-1918

Is military veterans the correct term for those who fought in the war?

Well, those who fought in a war are going to be military veterans. However, not all military veterans fought in a war. The term typically used is combat veterans.

When was America's involvement in the Vietnam war?

President Eisenhower sent US Military Advisers to South Vietnam in 1955.

Franklin's involvement in the American Revolution?

He was the American Envoy to France who gained their military and financial support for the war effort.

How did the US involvement in World War 2 affect racial issues?

It finally brought black Americans into the military.

What developments most led to changes in the level of presidential power during the 20th century?

The expanded use of executive actions to combat economic crises