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It can mean anything to support the enemy, such as writing pens and writing paper (to boost morale). But normally, "war material" is: 1. Weapons 2. Ammunition 3. Military Vehicles: Tanks, Self-Propelled Artillery, Jet Aircraft, Airplanes, Missile launchers, Helicopters, War Boats, Warships, etc.

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Q: What is war material supplied to the enemy?
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What roles did the united nations soviet union china and the US play in the conflict in the Korean War?

The UN supplied men and material. The Red Chinese supplied men and material; the Soviets supplied material and advisers.

What are the communists countries that fought in the Vietnam War?

Only North Vietnam. South Vietnam had communists living in it; the Viet Cong. Communist China supplied material and technicians/as did the USSR. Soviet East European satellites also supplied war material. Cuba supplied some technicians.

What was Russia's involvement in Vietnam?

They supplied much of the war material and air defense facilities and aviation training.

How did the Vietnam receive there supplies in the war?

US supplies arrived by ship and airplanes. The USSR & Red China supplied enemy war material, which was shipped into Haiphong Harbor in North Vietnam and across the Red Chinese border; then TRUCKED down into South Vietnam via the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Who were the other countries involved in the Vietnam war?

Red China/USSR supplied North Vietnam with material & South Vietnamese guerrillas called the Viet Cong supplied guerrillas in the fighting in South Vietnam. The US, Australia, New Zealand, S. Korea, S. Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand supplied troops for the allied side during the war.

Why did the north part of Korea go to war with the south?

North Korea was talked into re-uniting with it's other half by Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union (Russia). Stalin supplied the material, if N. Korea supplied the men.

Did the U.S. help China during the Vietnam War?

During the "Cold War", there were TWO Chinas: Red China & Nationalist China (Formerly called Formosa; now called Taiwan). We supplied defense material to Taiwan.

What is the significance of lend lease?

It supplied the United Kingdom, China, Soviet Union, France, and other allied nations with big amount of war material between 1941 and 1945.

Why were slaves prisoners of war?

In the civil war slaves were still slaves but still, they were with the enemy and were as such treated as the enemy.

What was the name of the US program to supply weapons and supplies to the other Allies?

You may be referring to the United States' Lend-Lease program in World War II, in which the US supplied the Allies with billions of dollars worth of material for the majority of the war.

What was the role of superpowers In Afghanistan war?

During the cold covertly support their combatant. Another words, when the Soviets were there in the 70s/80s the US secretly supplied their enemy (insurgent Afghans) with shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles. Since the 1990s there is almost no such thing as "superpowers" plural.

What state supplied food for the union during the civil war?

Either Maryland or Delaware supplied food for the Union.