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Coal mining and factories

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2008-02-09 11:21:51
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Q: What kind of jobs were most common for young men in the early 1900s in England?
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What kind of jobs were most common for middle class young women in the early 1900s in Chicago?

School teachers, or house cleaners. many women didn't have jobs, their jobs were to take care of the children and do the house work

When was acro invented?

Acro dance was created in the early 1900s. This is a type of acrobatic dance that is commonly performed by young, female dance students.

Workers in early Massachusetts textile mills were?

mostly young single women from the new england countryside..

What is an American handgun?

Very broad question that we may not be able to fully answer. There WAS a revolver made by the Iver Johnson Co. that was known as the American, Young American, and American Bulldog in the early years of the 1900s.

Who were the Employees of early textile and shoe mills in New England?

Mainly young woman who went to factories to get away from parents

What was life like in England in early 1900s?

There life was tireing as many people could not afford education, so children as young as 6-7 were sent to work in the factories to earn money for their family's. They would have to work from dawn till dusk everyday except a Sunday and many would die from terrible diseses.

How many young people in England go to university?

how many young people in England go to university? how many young people in England go to university? how many young people in England go to university? how many young people in England go to university?

Did any famous people go to allenswood boarding school?

Eleanor Roosevelt attended Allenswood (boarding school just outside London, England) at 15 years of age, in the early 1900s, for about 4 years. It was at Allenswood, under the guidance of Mlle. Marie Souvestre that she overcame her timidity and shyness and became a confident, brave, compassionate young adult who grew to champion the poor and disadvantaged.

What did American children wear to school in the 1900s?

A wide selection of natural fabrics were used for children's school clothes in the early 1900s. Fabrics like linen, cotton, wool and silk were used to create both boys and girls school clothing. ... Young boys dressed in tunics with long stockings or bloomer pants made out of stiffly starched fabric.

Relationships were different in the 1900s?

yes they were in the 1900's people use to marry when they where Young and there was different relationship i think

When was Lianne Young born?

Lianne Young was born in England, in UK.

Driving age in England?

17 However, it's quite common for young people to not own cars until after university, because of the cost of insurance

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