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try this website-

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Q: What links are there between Australia and the Holocaust?
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What are some of the important links between Australia and England?

Some important links between Australia and England are..... ~ England founded Australia ~ When all the prisons in England were full the English decided to send there prisoners to Australia to get rid of them. ~ Captain James Cook was the first person who mapped the east coast of Australia. I hope that this can help a little

Did the Holocaust take place in Australia?

No. You might be thinking of Austria.

Did the Herero Holocaust take place?

Yes. Please see the links.

Where has laws against Holocaust denial?

In places such as Germany and Israel, Holocaust Denial is illegal. Please See Related Links below.

Uranium in Australia?

Links to Uranium in Australia below.

What does the holocaust museum have to do with American culture or history?

Nothing. There are many Holocaust museums established in the United States, generally by or for those who survived or escaped the Holocaust and move to the US. The US authorities have tried to create links between the Holocaust and other events, to make it relateable to Us culture, but it was an event which happened to other people in another part of the world with which the US was not involved.

How many people died in Australia during the Jewish holocaust?


What is a good website to find Holocaust quotes?

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What is the geography of Australia?

Australia has a variety of geographic zones and features. See the Related Links below for an overview and further links.

Did the Holocaust happen in Florida?

No. The Holocaust took place in Europe between 1941 and 1945.

What Italy influence on Australia?

Some Italian influences in Australia in the links below.

On what website can you find out about Australia?

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