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Much bigger population from which to recruit armies.

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2013-02-14 14:56:24
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Q: What major advantage did the north have during civil war?
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What was the main advantage of the North during the US Civil War?

The main advantage of the North during the US Civil War was the number of soldiers in the army.

Who had better equipment and supplies during the civil war?

The North - because of their advanced industrial manufacturing capability. It was a major advantage.

What economic advantage did the North have during the civil war?

Railroads Manufacturing Industry

What was not an advantage that the north enjoyed over the south during the civil war?

An advantage the North did not have is a "home-court advantage" which would allow for shorter supply and troop lines.

Where was the major battle in the north during the civil war?


Why was its better banking system advantage to the north during the civil war?

because the boats

What was the last major battle in the north during the civil war?


What was one advantage the North had during the civil war?

One advantage was their superior industrial capacity, but the North also had a much larger population with which to replenish their losses.

Which of the following was an advantage held by the North during the Civil War?

This question can not be answered. We don't have the list.

Durring the civil war did the north have the advantage of 90 percent of the country's industries?

Yes, during the Civil War the north had 90% of the county's manufacturing abilities.

What two major advantages did the wouth have other the north during the civil war?

Traditional advantage in cavalry - most young Southerners could ride and shoot Home-ground advantage - most battles were on terrain unfamiliar to the enemy

How many factories did the North have during the Civil War?

The North had around 119,600 factories and they were safe from the major batttlefields.

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