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Q: What nation did the French and British agree to defend in 1939 if the Germans attacked?
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Why did France and Englan declare war on Germany when Germany's armies invaded Blegium?

You've asked this as a WWII question. In WWII France and Britain declared war on Germany when Germany invaded Poland. This was the latest aggressive move by the militaristic Germans, and the British and French were determined to try to stop Hitler before he took over all of Europe. In WW ONE the British declared war on Germany when Germany invaded Belgium. The British were among four European Great Powers who had signed a Treaty in 1839 each pledging to perpetually respect and defend the neutrality of Belgium. Prussia had also signed this Treaty and Germany was a successor state to Prussia, the Prussian King was now the German Emperor, and Germany was still bound by its obligations under this Treaty. In WW ONE the French went to war with Germany because the Germans attacked them. There was immediate fighting along the French-German border as Germans moved in. But this was merely a diversion. The main German attack was coming through Belgium, into the north of France. This was the reason the Germans invaded Belgium in the first place, to go through and get at northern France. This would allow the Germans to avoid the heavy forts and defenses the French had along their border with Germany.

When did the somme start?

The Battle of Somme began on July 1, 1916 and did not end until November 18,1916. It was fought on both sides of the River Somme and in the course of four months, there were more than a million casualties. It is considered one of the bloodiest wars of humanity.

Why did Russians begin fighting on the eastern front?

In WW1 it was because their ally France had been attacked by Germany.In WW2 it was because Germany attacked them and they had to defend themselves.

Did British enter World War 1 when the German troops crossed into Belgium?

Yes. First the British called on the Germans to withdraw from Belgium, and set a deadline. When the Germans did not withdraw the British entered the war. Britain and Germany (actually Prussia, of which Germany was a successor state) were two of four Great Powers pledged in an 1839 Treaty to perpetually respect and defend Belgian neutrality. German war plans for a generation had cynically disregarded this Treaty obligation in their scheme to outflank French border defenses by going through Belgium. When Britain raised the issue of the Treaty in demanding German withdrawal from Belgium, the German Foreign Minister denounced the Treaty as " a scrap of paper".

How did the invasion of Normandy change the tide of war?

The invasion of Normandy helped change the tide of war by putting the Germans on the defensive rather than the offensive. With the failed attempts by the Germans to capture Russia, defend Italy, and defend the Normandybeach, allied troops were able to finally be put on the offensive side. While the Americans, British, and Canadians moved through France, more Americans rushed up and through Italy and the Russians started to leave their Motherland and assault Nazi Germany.

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Why do you think the British were able to defend themselves against the Germans but the French were not?

because the were power full

Why did the french win the battle of the Somme?

The battle of the somme helped the French because they were taking heavy losses trying to defend France, and the British attacked the Germans on the opposite side trying to relieve pressure off the French. The British and French took over 600,000 casualties with Germany taking over 500,000, but the allies relieved pressure off the French front and achieved their goal.

How did Hitler defend his attempts to expand German boundaries to the French and British?

Hitler claimed that he was protecting the lives, rights & property of ethnic Germans living in neighboring east European countries (Czechoslovakia & Poland).

Why did Britain need Russia's help to defend Poland?

The British & French were too far removed to defend Poland from the Germans, however... the Russians (Soviet Union) actually helped Hitler attack Poland not defend it. The Russians then annexed the eastern portion of Poland. At no point in World War 2, even when the Russians became Allies, did they defend Poland.

What is the British unit which fought the Germans in World War 2?

No specific unit fought Germans in WW2.Mostly all British units were deployed against Germany or to defend the homeland.Britan also had some units in Japan and Itaky.

Why did the french and the British go to war?

Both nations wanted more land for their own colonies in the Americas. The British also wanted to defend the lands of British and Irish settlers and friendly Native American tribes from French invasion. The French exploited the tribal rivalry between different native tribes in order to get some Native American tribes to side with them.

In 1760 the British captured what fort which left the French unable to defend their lands in North America?


How do worms defend themselves?

They defend themselves by releasing disgusting slime when attacked.

What British fort in the Ohio River Valley built to defend British troops during the first battle of the French and Indian War?

Fort Necessity

How does the jellyfish defend itself if attacked?

Stinging tentacles.

What does a hen do when its young are being attacked?

It tries to defend them.

Is it true that the Germans experimented with Italian and other axis antiaircraft weapons and crews in the Battle of Britain and the blitz?

No. In the Battle of Britain and the blitz, the Germans were engaged in offensive operations and did not use antiaircraft weapons, although they certainly had them emplaced to defend their facilities. Antiaircraft weapons were an important part of that the British used to defend against the German attacks.