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The union of Southern states during the US Civil War was named "The Confederate States of America".

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Q: What new country was proclaimed by the states that seceded from the Union?
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What did the eleven states that seceded the union form?

Prior to the Civil War, southern states seceded to form their own country; the Confederate States of America.

The southern states decide to what from the union?

seceded from the union

Country from which Texas seceded?

The Union.

What did the states that seceded from the union form?

The Confederate States of America

What were confederate states of America?

they were the slaveholding states that seceded from the Union.

What was the emancipation proclamtion?

It proclaimed the slaves in the southern states who had left the union free. It only applied to these states and not the entire country.

What states seceded from the union in the eighteenth century?

None of them did. There is a link below to a question about states that seceded in the 19th century.

How many Southern states seceded the union states?

Eleven slave states seceded. This included Texas, Louisiana,, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Virginia seceded, then West Virginia seceded from Virginia and rejoined the Union.

How many southern states seceded from the union?


What happened when southern states seceded?

it leaves the union

How meny Southern states seceded from the Union?


How many southern states seceded from union?