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Q: As economic and social conflicts escalated how many states from the South seceded from the Union?
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How did political economic and social conflicts result in the independence of south Sudan?

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How have social and economic conditions sometimes led to political conflicts in the nations of central America?

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What economic social and eniromental issues challenge africans today?

The two political and economic challenges in Africa Corruption, tribal conflicts, poverty and cost of production

Why were there so many conflicts between rich and poor?

Conflicts between the rich and the poor often stem from disparities in wealth, power, and access to resources. The wealthy may be perceived as benefiting more from societal systems, leading to resentment and feelings of injustice among the poor. Economic inequalities and social injustices can exacerbate tensions and fuel conflicts between different socio-economic groups.

How the social darwinisms and the nationalism cause the world 1 and world war 2?

Social Darwinism promoted the idea of survival of the fittest, leading to competitive and aggressive behavior among nations seeking to assert dominance. This, combined with extreme nationalist ideologies that prioritized one's own country over others, fueled conflicts and rivalries that ultimately contributed to both World War I and World War II. Nationalistic fervor and social Darwinist beliefs justified militarism and imperialism, which escalated tensions and resulted in devastating global conflicts.

What man is associated with the social conflict approach?

Karl Marx is the man associated with the social conflict approach, which focuses on the power struggles and inequalities that exist within society, particularly in relation to social class and economic relationships. Marx argued that these conflicts drive social change and shape societal structures.

What does sectionalism mean in social studies?

Sectionalism in social studies refers to the loyalty or support that individuals have for a particular region, such as the North or South in the United States. It can lead to divisions and conflicts between different regions based on their economic, social, or political interests..flowLayoutPanel.

Can Social and Economic Goals be successfully negotiated by Social Enterprises?

Can Social and Economic Goals be successfully negotiated by Social Enterprises?

What are the economic and social goals of society?

Which of the following is not considered an economic and social goal of society?economic efficiencystabilityeconomic growthentrepreneurship

What is a conflict sociologists tend to focus on?

Sociologists often focus on conflicts related to social inequality, power dynamics, and structural injustices within society. These conflicts can include issues such as racial discrimination, economic disparities, gender inequality, and struggles for resources and opportunities. By studying these conflicts, sociologists aim to understand their underlying causes and consequences for individuals and society.

What are the difference between social cost and economic growth?

Social cost is part of economic growth because overall economic production is a function of social benefit minus social costs.

What are the two regions with the highest risk of social unrest?

The two regions with the highest risk of social unrest are the Middle East and North Africa, due to ongoing conflicts, political instability, and economic challenges, and sub-Saharan Africa, where factors such as poverty, corruption, and ethnic tensions contribute to social unrest.