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how is it the interest of th united states to offer ecenomic and social aid to foregin countries

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Q: How is it in the interest of the US to offer economic and social aid to foreign countries?
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Why is it important for the US to have a foreign policy?

It is important for a state to have foreign policy because it is the tradition in IR that all states should have foreign policy. Also, it is important for a state to have foreign policy because to help direct state's development through economic, social and political interest of the state.

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What economic and social region made up of countries surrounds the Pacific Ocean?

An economic and social region made up of the countries surrounding the Pacific Ocean is called the Pacific Rim.

What effect did foreign pressure to open markets have on Japanese society?

It deepened the social economic unrest

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Why is a theoretical understanding of social development in third world countries so important?

It is important to understand the social development in third world countries because much of the political unrest in third world countries is the product of social and economic disparties.

Short note on social accounting?

It is the process of communicating the social and environmental effects of organization's economic actions to particular interest group within society.

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