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five percent

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Q: What percentage of Americans were ardent abolitionists prior to the Civil War?
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What did the abolinist'want?

Abolitionists wanted enslaved African Americans to be freed from slavery, and to then enjoy the same civil rights as any other American.

After the civil war ended what major issue did Fredrick Douglass and other abolitionists begin working towards?

gaining the right for African Americans to vote

What is a civil War term beginning with the letter a?


Were abolitionists Americans that wanted to get rid of the tariff?

Abolitionists, were people who wanted to end slavery in western Europe and the Americas. Its origins were in the UK and spread to the USA and Canada. The Northern states of the US were in favour of abolishing slavery the Southern states were not. This led to the American Civil War.

What did Lincoln hope to do about voting after a civil war?

Limit voting to a small portion of African Americans - APEX

Abolitionists in the pre-Civil War. Were most likely to support the?


What was the general opinion of African Americans prior to the Civil War?

Although there were thousands of documented cases to the contrary (mainly in the northern states and among a few hundred Southern Abolitionists), they were thought as property.

What has the author R J M Blackett written?

R. J. M. Blackett has written: 'Thomas Morris Chester, Black Civil War Correspondent' 'Beating against the barriers' -- subject(s): Abolitionists, Addresses, essays, lectures, African American abolitionists, African Americans, Biography

Why did northern factory workers oppose the abolitionists before the US Civil War?

Freed African Americans would take some of their jobs, the workers were socially higher than slaves, and disruption of the Union.

Abolitionists in the pre-civil war period were most likely to support the?


Who would be a friend to the slaves during the US Civil War?

Other slaves or abolitionists. ;)

Who was a pre-Civil War abolitionist?

John Brown, Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass were all pre-Civil War abolitionists