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Abe Lincoln.

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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: What president called his stovepipe hat his office?
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What is an Abraham Lincoln hat?

Lincoln was fond of wearing a top hat. It was referred to as a stovepipe hat, adding more height to his already formidable stature. The Smithsonian Institution Museum in Washington DC has an example on display.

What was the name of Lincoln's hat?

Lincoln wore a 'stovepipe' hat.

What is Abraham Lincoln hat called?

A top hat, silk hat, cylinder hat, chimney pot hat or stove pipe hat (sometimes also known by the nickname "topper")

How do you spell top hat in English?

That is the correct spelling of "top hat" (short version of stovepipe hat).

What type of hat is Abraham Lincoln famous for wearing?

top hatHe wore a Top Hat.

Who is tallest president?

Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Johnson are tied for the distinction of tallest president at 6 feet 4 inches. Lincoln often wore a tall stovepipe hat that added an estimated 10 inches to his height.

What hat is Abraham Lincoln famous for waering?

he wore a black stovepipe hat. like this one:

What was Abraham Lincoln's prized possession?

I don't think he had one, but the public certainly loved his stovepipe hat!

What did Abraham Lincoln keep in his hat?

I am almot positive this is not true because what if the hat were to blow off or fall off alos it would be a stupid thing to keep papers under a hat and plus Lincoln didnt wear his hat all to frequently inside his office. he kept important papers underneath his hat hey you misspelled words what grade r u in

What did Abraham Lincoln name his hat?

It was a stovepipe type but I don't think he had a pet name for it although someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

What did Abraham Lincoln usually wear?

He was wearing a black suit with a bow tie and his top hat

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