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Q: What program tried to rebuild the south but failed into a land of equality?
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Who decided to rebuild the south?

The north decided to rebuild the sout

South vietnamese program that attempted to protect villages from communist aggressors?

The Strategic Hamlet Program was intended to protect South Vietnamese villagers from communist infiltrators. The program relocated villagers to specially constructed villages run by the South Vietnamese army. The program failed due to corruption and hasty implementation.

When did the reconstruction start in the south?

so they can rebuild the south

What was the federal government's plan to reform rebuild the south?

The federal governments plan to reform the South was by reconstruction. This was an attempt to rebuild and better the South.

What did Reconstruction rebuild for the south?


The war-torn south had to rebuild its?


What was the plan to rebuild the south called?


Is the capital of the equality state south of the centennial state?

Well, the Equality state is WY, and CO is the centennial state, and CO is south of WY, so No.


The plan to rebuild the South after the Civil War and extend the ideas of liberty and equality to the slaves that had been freed during the war. There are three brands: Presidential (Lincoln and Johnson), Radical (Radical Republicans), and Johnsonian (Johnson).

Does the state democratic party platform for South Carolina include marriage equality?

The state democratic party platform for South Carolina include marriage equality.

What was president Lincoln plans after the civil war?

To rebuild the South

What did the state governments do to rebuild the south during reconstruction?

They didn't