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After the Civil War Lincoln was without a doubt proud of the union for what they had done.

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The North should forgive the South and help it rebuild.

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Q: What were Lincolns beliefs about the union after the civil war?
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Which was abrahma lincolns major aim in the civil war?

To preserve the Union.

What where abrham lincolns achievements?

He saved the slaves from the South and Saved the Union during the civil war.

Who welcomed the Civil War and why?

Nobody really welcomed the civil war... There were things that led up to it like the slavery issue and Lincolns election. The main thing was Lincolns electoin because states in the south started to secced from the union.

What was Lincolns main goal during the civil war?

to win the civil war

Did the north and the south agree to end the civil war after lincolns assassination?

southern states were more accepting of union control during reconstruction

What was Lincolns original war aim?

To preserve the Union

What happened first Abraham Lincolns assignation or the end of the civil war?

End of Civil War.

What wasPresident Lincolns leadership priority?

The Civil War.

What was lincolns beliefs in the civil war?

At the beginning of the Civil War Lincoln was fighting in the belief that "All men are created equal" and towards the end he was fighting in the belief that slavery should come to an end and that all slaves should be freed.

When did lee surrender in Civil War?

Lee surrendered in the civil war to Abraham lincolns hourse in china

What was lincolns most famous accomplishment?

The American Civil War

What were presidents lincolns opponents to the civil war called?

Copperheads (Anti-war Democrats)